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Your knowledge from your studies is the key to the future. As young professionals from international universities, you view challenges not just as obstacles, but as chances waiting to be taken.

You are driven by an unwavering enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity. Your willingness to innovate is what the life science industry needs. That’s what many life science companies are looking for in international graduates. Germany wants Internationals. 


Your knowledge and experience are the gold standard in the life science industry. As a long working professional, you have in-depth know-how and proven skills in business und science.

You understand the regulatory requirements. Life Science companies benefit from your competence, your experience, your network. Your expert status is the key to innovation and excellence. Germany seeks this international status and new team members


In our connected world, you bring cultural diversity and essential innovative approaches. Whether you’re an emerging talent or an experienced expert, your insights are invaluable.

Life Science companies benefit from your motivation and expertise. Your mindset opens doors to new experiences and intercultural knowledge. Your diversity is an asset to research and development in the life science industry. Germany is a multi-cultural country. 

We understand that every career decision is vital. We work closely together to find the right company when you move to Germany.

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Clarify with us all crucial questions why our services are worthwhile for talents and experts from abroad alike and what the „+“ is in our services for international scientists.


For us, direct placement in the life science industry means one thing above all: It’s about people. People are looking for people.

Quality, efficiency and long-lasting partnerships are therefore always our focus.

For you as an employee from abroad, direct placement in Germany offers a discreet, efficient and time-saving way to top positions in the exciting world of life science. With us, direct placement goes far beyond simply matching resumes.

We understand the specific requirements of potential employers, the dynamic industry, and most importantly, you as the person behind the candidate.

By accurately capturing their individual needs and ambitions, we can introduce them to carefully selected life science companies.

Whether they are a motivated graduate or an experienced scientist, we ensure that each person is not only a professional fit for their future employer. We align their personal goals and their own life circumstances through the right company.

With our deep industry expertise and experience, we are a reliable partner on the way to the right professional challenge. Of course, we are also at your side as a partner in all official questions and formal aspects of living and working in Germany.

For motivated talents and experienced scientists from abroad, hiring out in the life science industry offers the opportunity to fully utilize their expertise while enjoying the flexibility of a temporary employment relationship.

Hiring professionals at Lamm HR benefit from a wide range of career experiences by working in a variety of life science companies.

Our approach focuses on putting them first as people. We understand their individual needs and goals and make sure they get the positions that best match their skills and career ambitions.

Employee hiring allows them to advance into different areas and companies in the life science industry and gain valuable experience. This allows them to develop valuable skills while gaining insights into different work cultures and projects.

Thanks to our deep expertise and experience, we are a reliable partner on the way to the right professional challenge. Of course, we are also at your side as a partner in all official questions and formal aspects of living and working in Germany.

Our training and certification opportunities in the life science industry are a key offering international professionals.

We are aware that not every applicant can meet all the requirements of a job posting and all the requirements in German business from the outset. That’s why we focus on targeted training and certification with selected partners.

We work closely with them to identify their individual needs and strengths. We then develop a customized training plan that enables you to acquire missing qualifications and deepen existing skills.

Our goal is to optimally prepare you for the requirements in a German life science company. We not only expand your professional opportunities, but also increase you attractiveness to potential employers.

A particular focus of our training and certification offerings is Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP for short. In the life science industry, strict quality standards and guidelines are essential.

With our GMP training and certification, we help motivated talents, experienced experts and international professionals to understand and comply with these standards.

1. Work Permit and Authority: 

Applying for a work permit in Germany can be complex. We will assist you in preparing the required documents and guide you through the application process to ensure that you obtain all necessary permits.

2. Recognition of Graduation: 

The recognition of foreign degrees is often necessary. We support you in evaluating your qualifications and applying for the necessary recognition so that you can work successfully in Germany.

3. Governmental Entry and Stay: 

We help you with visa and residence permit applications and provide advice and assistance to ensure you meet the necessary legal requirements.


Yes, there are differences in the process for professionals from non-EU and EU countries. We know the specific requirements for both groups and support you accordingly.

We understand that moving to a new country brings many questions and challenges. Our team is available to ensure that your business and relocation process to Germany goes as smoothly as possible for Internationals.

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